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Blog Update & News

at the beach

I must confess the last time I posted at the end of June, I had no idea I would be taking such an extended break from blogging. First, we had a little 2 week vacation…we stayed home, but went to the beach, a lot! Then, we were literally without internet or telephone for a solid […]

Brazilian Peanut Candy (Pé de moleque)

Brazilian Peanut Candy

I mentioned before that there are many bakeries in the area of Sao Paulo where I live. There are many different types of sweet treats. One little candy that is tasty and satisfying is Brazilian Peanut Candy (Pé de moleque). For the record, the translation from Portuguese to English is NOT peanut candy…that is just […]

Living in Paradise…

Sunny Beach

I live two blocks away from the beach here in Brazil. The scenery is very surreal to me and I never get used to, nor tire of, the view. It is almost like living in Paradise. The beach near my home stretches for many miles and has the most spectacular views imaginable. There is a […]

Stump Fairy Garden

Julees Stump Fairy Garden

Have you seen fairy gardens all over Pinterest? Well, here is a really cute idea. If you have a stump in your yard, turn it into a Stump Fairy Garden. My friend Julee Fiorito was gracious enough to share this idea and sent this picture. Julee had a stump in her yard that she didn’t […]

Best Brazilian Beef Stroganoff

Brazilian Beef Stroganoff

I have always been a fan of Stroganoff. I like beef and chicken stroganoff, with lots of mushrooms served on a bed of egg noodles. But my favorite stroganoff is my version of Best Brazilian Beef Stroganoff. Though Stroganoff originates in Russia, many different countries serve stroganoff. Brazil, and other countries too, like the U.K […]

Potato Salad

Potato Salad

Now that the weather has decided it is summer, I like to make salads. One that we enjoy frequently as a side dish when we barbecue is Potato Salad. I like warm German potato salad, as well as, cold American potato salad.  So, I came up with a version that combines a little of both. […]

Beef Bulgar Meatballs (Brazilian Style Kibbe)

Brazilian Kibbe bulgar mint meatballs

Brazil is a country whose cuisine has been influenced by many cultures. As part of my foods of the World cup series, I am sharing one of my favorite quick snacks to grab in Brazil. Little football shaped beef meatballs with bulgar. Here is my version of Brazilian Style Kibbe (Quibe). Brazilian Kibbe is often […]

Pork Chops with Lemon Caper Sauce

porkchops with lemon sauce

I promised recently in a previous post about salted preserved lemons that I would share a recipe using them. I often use preserved lemons when I make Pork Chops with Lemon Caper Sauce. Again, if you have not used preserved lemons, you should try them.  They really brighten any dish you prepare. In this Pork […]

Brazilian Lime Tart (Torta de Limão)

Brazilian lime tart 4

There are many little bakeries in the area I live in Sao Paulo that serve up all kinds of pastries and tarts. Many of these little sweets are very different than those served in the U.S. However, I am sharing one today that is familiar: Brazilian Lime Tart. This ain’t your momma’s lime pie. Trust […]

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Whenever I get the chance to purchase dried wild mushrooms I snap them up and use them to make my Wild Mushroom Risotto. I started liking wild mushrooms because years ago, my Dad used to take my brothers and sisters and I trekking thru the Pacific Northwest to find various types of wild mushrooms. We […]