Easy Homemade Flour Tortillas

We eat Mexican food all the time. Usually, at least once a week. Here in Brazil, there are virtually no Mexican food items available for purchase (very occasionally I can find the hard corn taco shells) and flour tortillas that are pretty rubbery in texture.

Luckily, I have been making homemade tortillas forever. Here are my easy homemade flour tortillas.

Easy homemade flour tortilla

These are really versatile, convenient and simple to make.

There are only three important things to consider when making these:

1.       Remember to add the water slowly–you may not use it all based on the humidity where you live.

2.      Let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes. I actually will often let it set an hour or longer if I make them earlier in the day—just make sure and keep them covered with a damp tea towel….these dry out easily.

3.     Roll these as thin as possible or they will be too thick when you fry them up.

Here is how thin you want to roll the dough—should see the work surface in places. And notice there is no extra flour on my work surface-perfect consistency.

Rolling out tortillas

I often freeze the tortilla dough (in little balls) which is so very convenient. You will not be able to tell the difference between fresh dough or frozen dough (just remember to KEEP that frozen dough covered well with a damp tea towel while it defrosts because again, this dough dries out very easily).

I personally do not EVER fry all the dough if we will not be eating it (some people do and keep them in the refrigerator). In my opinion the fresh taste really gets ruined. I freeze the extra balls for next time.

The middle of the road healthy version of the recipe is below. However, the versatility of the recipe is so great that I have 2 additional variations that work just as well:

1.       If you want to be naughtier, substitute 1/3 cup of shortening for the olive oil, shortening combo. Some people use lard and that is good as well–I just use the vegetable shortening.

2.     I often use 3 T. olive oil when I am out of shortening. These will still taste really good.

The truth is, my husband can NEVER tell the difference between which version flour tortilla I make. I think the difference is very subtle (but personally think that the middle of the road version is just as yummy as the naughty version:)

Try these soon. They are simple and hard to mess up. Just remember to follow the 3 tips and you will have homemade flour tortillas in a jiffy!

Here is the recipe.

Easy Homemade Flour Tortillas


2 1/2 cups AP flour

3/4 tsp salt

1 1/4 tsp baking powder

2 T. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 T. vegetable shortening

1 cup very warm water (You may not use all of this) !!!!!


1.       Add the dry ingredients to a large bowl and whisk it together very well.

2.     Add the Olive oil and shortening to the mixture. Use your fingers, fork, or a pastry blender and mix until coarsely crumbled.

3.     This last step is THE most important! Add the very warm water very slowly to  your bowl. It is very humid here in Brazil. The last time I made these, I added 1/2 cup warm water and it was too much. It is okay if you add a little too much, you will have to add a little more flour. But be careful not to do this. I recommend starting with 1/4 cup water first.

4.     I use a fork to mix the water into the flour. Mix just until it comes together and then knead for just a minute or two in the bowl. Dough should not be too wet, or crumbly—it should just come together.

5.     I divide these into little balls (a little smaller than golf ball size). Depending on the size you want, you should get between 8-12 little balls. Cover these IMMEDIATELY with a damp tea towel. Let rest for at least 1/2 hour—I always go longer (or freeze at this point).

6.     If you have read my pizza dough recipe the same applies here. If the ratio of water is correct, you should not have to use any flour (or very little) to roll these babies out.

7.     Take a ball, press flat with the palm of your hand (try and make a perfect circle). Use a rolling pin and roll out like a pizza or pie dough. I usually roll clockwise. It takes a little practice to make them round but even if the shape is off, it will still taste good:)

8.     Roll as thin as possible (IMPORTANT) while still being able to lift off work surface–otherwise they fry up thick.

9.     I fry several at a time using a flat electric griddle set on high. Works perfectly.

10. When frying, wait until the tortilla bubbles up and flip and then fry only about another 30 seconds or so. Don’t fry too long or they can toughen up on you.

That’s it… Try these ones. You will like them.

Enjoy!  by Rachel


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    Visiting from Showliscious Party. These look great. I have been wanting to make my own. I find the ones I can buy have too many in a package for my needs. Making what I need and freezing the extra dough sounds like a good plan. Thanks for sharing.
    Julie recently posted…Trail Mix Breakfast CookiesMy Profile

    • 3


      Great. I am glad this might help. These are easy and versatile. We love them. Thanks so much for visiting Julie. Have a great weekend.

  2. 4


    Thank you for the recipe, but also for the tips! I truly love homemade tortillas, but haven’t had much success getting them right. I thought maybe it was because I didn’t use a press, but hopefully your tips will help me out! Thanks again!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Frozen Paper Dolls: Cory JensenMy Profile

    • 5


      Elizabeth, I have never used a press for these once. If you get the consistency right you just have to roll these as thin as possible. Give them a try. They really are easy and the more you make them the easier it is to make them in a circular shape:) Let me know if I can give any other tips. Thanks so much for visiting. Have a great weekend!

    • 9


      Awesome! I hope you enjoy these as much as we do! Eat them when they are warm and freshly made and they really taste great! Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

    • 11


      Awesome Jennifer! Do try them…they are easy and get easier as you make them more often—sometimes the round shape is hard to master:) Have a great week Jennifer. see ya soon.

    • 13


      Do make them, Marty. We love them. Thanks so much for your visit:) Hope you have a wonderful week. See you soon.

  3. 14


    I will definitely be trying these. You don’t know how long I have worked on making homemade tortillas that taste good (like the ones they have fresh in HEB in Texas). I will be trying these in the future and thanks for the suggestion of freezing what we don’t need since there are only two of us now. Thanks for sharing on Simple Supper Tuesday.
    Linda Warren recently posted…Margaritas for Cinco de MayoMy Profile

    • 15


      Great! Before I moved to Brazil the area I used to live in Washington state had a ton of places to buy fresh tortillas too:) Tortillas are somewhat like pizza dough in that the ingredients are usually the same or very similar. Like you had a tried a bunch of recipes to find “the one”. This is the one that makes us happy:) Let me know how they turn out for you or if I can help.

  4. 18


    Oh my gosh! You can make your own tortillas?! It never occurred to me to try but in hindsight, duh, they must have been making them before factories. I will have to try this! Make some quesadillas and some fajitas! I’m excited now. Thanks for linking up to Snickerdoodle Sunday.
    Kristina and Millie recently posted…Time Out to Relax 1My Profile

    • 19


      You’re funny:) One of my favorite Mexican restaurants (back in Washington state) has 2 or 3 older ladies that stand in a glass domed area near the kitchen. It is fun to watch them make the tortillas fresh while you are seated waiting. The ladies are super fast and make perfectly shaped little discs every time… In Mexican families it is common to make your own tortillas because it is such a staple—-although we had some neighbors who told me that she wouldn’t waste time making them because we lived in an area where there was a couple tortilla factories—she told me she would just buy them each time she ran out:)

    • 22


      Ohh, thank you so much Maryann! We really appreciate that:) Thanks also for dropping by. Have a great week!

  5. 23


    Hi i found your post on Diana Rambles link party,
    thanks for the recipe! My husband loves tortillas but i still learning how to make them. I’m pinning your recipe to my board food recipes on Pinterest.

    • 24


      Hi Priscila! Too funny. I just finished visiting your turquoise painted mirror from the same party:) Thanks so much for the pin! Have a wonderful weekend. See you soon.

  6. 27


    I’m so glad to see this! I have not quite gotten the hang of this and I hope your tips will do the trick. I even have one of those tortilla cookers! Thanks for sharing. I’ve pinned your post and will be using it to give your recipe a try soon – very soon. We eat lots of Mexican food at our house too and I buy packaged tortillas EVERY shopping trip. It will be great to make them at home. And congratulations on being featured at Tumbleweed Contessa! :) Have a beautiful day!
    Karen recently posted…Knowing What’s Growing: Mexican TarragonMy Profile

    • 28


      Thanks Karen! I make these all the time…my kids love them and they are pretty quick to throw together with a little pre-planning:) Thanks so much for visiting. Have a wonderful week.

  7. 29


    These look delicious! I’ve always been afraid of making my own tortillas, but I might give these a try. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday last week. Your tortillas were the most viewed link at last week’s party, so we’ll be highlighting them at tomorrow’s party. We hope you’ll come join us again this week!
    Miranda at Someday Crafts recently posted…DIY Cake Pop StandMy Profile

    • 32


      Richella, thank you so much for the feature! wow…Thanks also for visiting. Have a wonderful week:)

    • 34


      Thanks so much Winnie! And thanks for the pin. Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

  8. 35


    There is nothing like a good homemade Flour Tortilla and your tortillas look fantastic! Thanks so much for joining our Foods of The World Tour to Mexico, hope you will join in France next month.
    See You Soon!
    Miz Helen
    Miz Helen recently posted…The Picnic CakeMy Profile